FEATURED DJ : DJ Screech gives us a wonderful mix

Every Friday night and Sunday afternoon I’m always on my radio, listening to Dj mix  by great DJs, so I thought to myself if I can work on it I can do it

This edition of Voice Out Magazine presents to you a mixtape , the mixtape is being hosted by DJ Screech.

VOM: How are you doing, Can we meet you?

DJ SCREECH: I’m good, thank you. I’m Femi by name but people know me as DjScreech, a final year student of FUTA, akure ondo state. I’m from ondo state; I’m the 3rd from 4. Easy going, loyal, ready to meet new people, ready to work, A real Christian.


VOM: How did you originally get into Djing?

DJ SCREECH: Every Friday night and Sunday afternoon I’m always on my radio, listening to Dj mix  by great DJs, so I thought to myself if I can work on it I can do it, so when I got my laptop first I did was to get the software which I did I had to search for means to get someone to put me through the djing work but It wasn’t easy because I didn’t get someone to, then I had to start teaching myself what I didn’t know, till I got a dj in school who decided to help, massive shout out to DjStormz, he actually made me a better dj and he was the one who gave me the name Djscreech big grin to him, that was the beginning of Djscreech.  


VOM: Was there any discouragement when you started out as a DJ?

DJ SCREECH: YES, a lot, first my parents thought it was not a good idea, mixing my school work and the Dj work together, they were scared but today they ask me how is my Dj work going, and they appreciate my work, Secondly, not seeing someone to put me through was discouraging I was so discouraged because my friends kept on saying I was making noise, but I didn’t stop the noise till I started making more sense, but now I’m so glad the same friends are always with me at almost every party I gig.


VOM: What challenges did you face when starting off?

DJ SCREECH: I think the most challenges I had was when I get a gig first I was making lotta mistake joining my bills and instrument bills together, it was a huge mistake because at the end I don’t really gain more, but money wasn’t the issues and sometimes I don’t get even get my balance paid so I just ignore sometimes, I keep on praying more jobs would come, another challenge was getting good instruments for the gig to satisfy people, collecting it wasn’t a challenge but returning what I go was the challenge, leaving a venue by 3am, waking up 6am to go return the instruments was so challenging but I got used to it, and it was fun.


VOM: What challenges are you facing now as a DJ?

DJ SCREECH: The only challenge I’m facing is how I challenge myself and how I how I can burst out into the dj industry. That’s the only challenge I think I’m facing now.


VOM: How do you know a HIT song?

DJ SCREECH: First, the song production, I don’t really think must lyrics make a song a hit song, but the production, how the artiste handles the production, the mxing and mastering also come in, the rate at which the popularity wants the song, with that I think when  I listen to the track I can call it a hit song.


VOM: What is your take on the music industry?

DJ SCREECH: ermmm, the music industry, all I can say they are really trying nothing much, thumbs up to them.


VOM: What are the qualities of a good DJ?

DJ SCREECH: when he/she knows what they are doing, how they handle their mixing, they know what the people want, and they are their best always.



VOM: If you were not a DJ what would you be doing?

DJ SCREECH: Maybe I will be on the pitch playing football. Football is another passion for me.


VOM: How would you describe your first gig?

DJ SCREECH: Scary, I was shaking but I said to myself I could do it,  I couldn’t hold the party for long, though it was a birthday party so I had to stop some hours later and started playing my mixtapes so when the birthday was over everybody left and I packed all I brought.


VOM: How do you select music for a gig you are meant to perform?

DJ SCREECH: depends on how the gig is going and how the ginger comes in. music flows in the mind, sometimes playing a song can make you know the next song you wanna mix the third comes into your mind and the fourth too and so on, music is a real bae.


VOM: What is your best moment as a Dj?

DJ SCREECH: My best moment as a Dj… hmmm, I think that will be Christmas Eve 2013. It was a massive turn out at the club lotta fun, crazy night, I loved it.  That was my best moment, I Dj’ed I danced, there was nothing I didn’t do that night. Lips sealed. Lol. Babes just started coming to my stand shouting screaming. I was like oh oh oh oh.


VOM: Now DJs operate in different areas of field such as performance Djs , mixtape DJs , club DJs , and radio DJs , What is your main focus ?

DJ SCREECH: been a club dj Is my main focus, I added the mixtape dj too to my library and it’s not so bad so far , which I love so much, but I want to advance and learn more and be more a radio dj. I think with that I can nod my head and say I’m good to go.


VOM: I saw your mixtapes , tell us more about the mixtapes?

DJ SCREECH: HappyMix is like a project I’m working on; I made it a seasonal mixtape. Though I’m still on the first season, but each season will end up in the third episode, which I just rounded the first season. HappyMixS01E1-3 is a dancehall mixtape, for my party lover fans I made it for them and I had some nice and encouraging comments which are helping out. 


VOM: What gear do you use for your craft? 

DJ SCREECH: A mixer and my laptop is what I use for now, and I’m about to get my full turntable. That’s what I use.


VOM: What projects are you currently working on and what can we expect from you in 2015?

DJ SCREECH: I had a plan to work on a mixtape for upcoming artiste, now I’m glad the plan is really coming out, and i want to work on some tracks to feature some artiste, and I hope it comes out well, HappyMixS02E01 should be out real soon. And hope people can hear more of me and appreciate me.

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