MUSIC PRODUCER : Blazing beats by Major Bangz


VOM : Give us some background on what sparked your interest in producing?

Major Bangz : The history of my production line all started way back in 2000, I started making beats on the legendary yamaha psr 150,which is one of the oldest models in the psr series.

I use to with midi loops, save them then add some melodies to it....As at that time, i had no access to computer softwares.

When i got admitted into UNN nsukka, I saw My room mates Noizque and beatoven using FL studio 3...I got really interested in it. AND THIS IS IT.


VOM : Describe your big breakout beat or production?

Major Bangz : I already have 3 big breakout productions which are: parcel (A BIG NWA),ALOBAM AND Lil kesh shoki both the original and the remix.

But my biggest would lil kesh`s shoki..My first recognition came from parcel due to the way phyno called my name "Hmmmm MAJOR BANGZ”


VOM : How long did it take you to transform from being a beatmaker to producer?

Major Bangz : Well, I would say it took a long while..But the honest truth is i`ve always being a producer because ,I love bringing to the table my own idea of what i think the track should be like..I like contributing to the writing process, the delivery process, the mixing and mastering process as well.


VOM : How will a producer pick an artiste he wants to work with, when you have many artistes out there and you need to approach one you want to work with?

Major Bangz : Well, Is not about the fact that there are so-many artistes out there but it depends on what works best for me as the producer..I like working with someone determined..some one with the hunger and drive to succeed..someone that is willing to learn, some with a good conscience. Some one that is ready to sail with me to victory.

And finally, a music genius with a high level of music experience that can chop any beat..Thats the type of artist i want to work with..


VOM : Songs produced for phyno were great songs with a superb productions , CONGRATULATIONS !, tell us what the whole production process was like with him?

Major Bangz : My experience working with phyno was amazing because , he`s also a producer as well...He know exactly what he wants and whats works best for him..

He`s a genius..we always keep it 100 when we work..


VOM : Can you tell us the studio gear that was used for the recording and production of PARCEL and YAYO?

Major Bangz : I use so many music production gears....I made parcel and yayo with FL studio 11 , Cubase 5 and Tracks CS.


VOM : What strategy did you use to perfect your craft as a producer?

Major Bangz : the strategy i used is called the "GETTING BETTER BY THE SECOND PRINCIPLE"...A process where you ensure that every new project must be better than the former the hunger to get better.


VOM : How did you come up with that name “ MAJOR BANGZ “

Major Bangz : Well my former name used to be medes banks..medes came from the name of the great scientist "archimedes" whose principle was the floatation of metals in water then i decided to change it to something i chose MAJOR..meaning Major became major banks...Then i decided to change the spelling of the banks to bangz becos if anyone googles major banks, all u see is the major financial banks in nigeria which will be difficult spotting my profile.


VOM : What are the attributes of a good record producer?

Major Bangz : The attributes of a good producer are many..But lemme name a few.

  1. A good producer is a great researcher....Which means that he has to have a great hunger for new sounds..He tries his best to predict what the next trend will be...


  1. A good producer takes risk....which means that he has to experiment to make something new


  1. A good producer must understand the exact direction of the artist.


  1. A Good producer must have some degree of perfectionism in him/her....



VOM : What percentage of artistes you have recorded for in the studio can perform live (not lip-syncing) on stages with a band?  And why?

Major Bangz : All of them...The thing is using a live band is great but we have to understand the type of crowd they want to use it for...

what if the crowd are so much in love with the beat and the live band cannot emulate the exact beat for the artist to sing or rap on....the show will definitely be f#*ked...So in case most of them love using their CDs.


VOM : Nigerian entertainment sphere does not pay producers royalties for songs they produce so producers collect full payment , would you have wanted royalties and why?

Major Bangz : I would have wanted royalties because you make percentages of everything the does with the song..whether concerts, digital downloads, endorsements it will be cool...


VOM : Do you work solely as a producer or do you engineer as well?

Major Bangz : I do both...because thats what makes u a producer..


VOM : For those who don’t know , what are some of the hit songs you have worked on and produced?

Major Bangz : For those who dont know me, this are the list of songs i`ve produced

i:olamide lambebe

ii:Dive Etighi 2012

iii Tonto dike high video version

iv lil kesh shoki ft davido and olamide

v  phyno    alobam,parcel,nme nme,good die young,yayo

vi illbliss ft chidinma   powerful

vii:phenom ft reminecse    ashawo

viiii:taikoon       let me know

sammie gravano ft chandon lucas  naked

 taikoon ft banky w and ice prince    respect my hustle


VOM : Tell us about being an Audio Scientist ?

Major Bangz : Being an audio scientist feels great, I`m all about my research and my quest for continous trend setting and being one of the greatest producers in this continent.


VOM : What tools (hardware / software) do you use to produce your songs ?

Major Bangz : I use so many softwares, FL studio, logic pro on mac, cubase and sony acid pro.


VOM : What kind of preparation do you think artistes should embark on before entering the studio to record a song?

Major Bangz : Before entering the studio to work, The artist must feel inspired....u need to have faith in your producer and be sensitive as well as being ever ready to come up with chorus ideas that can even inspire the producer more..


VOM : Which artiste(s) are you willing to work with , that you have never worked with?

Major Bangz : Honestly,this 2015,i want to work with phyno, olamide, timaya, burna boy, wande coal, flavour, remincese, davido, wizkid, runtown, patoranking, tiwa savage, waje, illbliss etc.


VOM : Tell us about Diamond Bank #YouNeedANewBank remix competition?

Major Bangz : Diamond bank #youneedANewBank competition is about empowering the winners with the platform to become superstars...Im happy that alot of upcoming artist participated.


VOM : If you were to effect changes in the entertainment sector in Nigeria , what policies will you push for the government to enforce?

Major Bangz : I will love to ensure that producers start earning royalties for their work...That will make producers more dedicated to the artist they work for..


VOM : How can people find you on online?

Major Bangz : Finding me online is simple,my twitter handle is @majorbangz1,instagram is also @majorbangz1 or they can send me an email


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