"pay off " to me means, it has given me that opportunity to show my true self to the society, yes it has paid off!

VOM : Lets do a rundown of the appearances you have made as a model?

CAROLINE : I'm upcoming and I don't live in Nigeria, so I haven't made much appearances.


VOM : How did you get into modeling ?

CAROLINE: Like I said before, I'm upcoming, I'm still working my way through. I decided one day that I was going to take Modelling serious and then took the next step which was to have a portfolio. It was my first photo session with any photographer; his name is Olumide. Hours after my photo shoot, he concluded that I have what it takes to be a mole and considered every foot step I took or still making in the industry.


VOM : Has modeling paid off ?

CAROLINE: It has paid off, "pay off " to me means, it has given me that opportunity to show my true self to the society, yes it has paid off!


VOM : What do you do when you are not modeling ?

CAROLINE: If I'm not Modeling, I'm busy with school work. I'm based in Houston, Texas. Sometimes the work load is hectic.


VOM : How do you handle male admirers ?

CAROLINE: I'm hardly ever interested in any relationship, so I try to keep my distance, when I know it's fruitless.


VOM : What exactly is it that you can’t do as a model ?

CAROLINE: As a model, I cannot take naked pictures because I respect my family name and it's my personal practice. I would also like to tell those out there that you don't have to be nude to be successful in this industry.


VOM : Any advice for girls trying to get into the modeling industry ?

CAROLINE: My advice is to keep pushing yourself, don't show how desperate you are , because then people will look down on you.



Measurements :

Height : 5ft. 9

City you rep : Lagos

Favourite rappers / singers : Blackmagic / Omawunmi

Celebrity crush : No one in particular

Biggest turn-ons : Wisdom

Biggest turn-offs : Bad Breathe


Twitter : @carolyne_xo

Instagram : @Karolyne_xo

Facebook : caroline Ikpea

Website : http://carollinetherealme.blogspot.com

Agent / Contact : Onyinye Ekeneme


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