SEX AND RELATIONSHIP : Sex and Relationship

 So his girlfriend is actually an olosho, as it is popularly called in lagos.

I had postponed the write up sourcing for this section, but someone reached out to me that he had a friends story to tell here and he will use fictional names and tell the story for all to learn from, I read the story when it was sent in and I was marveled because it sounded like fiction even though the story is real.

A guy named Charles had been in a romantic relationship with a longtime girlfriend tracy, both reside in lagos, their relationship had been on for 2 years even though they had witnessed some hiccups along the way but they always seemed to conquer the demon of separation and moved on with love and understanding.
Charles had cheated on tracy severally when he hung out with the boys, although he had tried to resist all temptations, but you know when the alcohol is in the system, guys always blame it on the alcohol.

Tracy and her friend ifeoma came to visit charles in his house on a Sunday afternoon, and they were being entertained, while they were feasting Charles stepped out of the house in mende, and took a short walk to a shop that sells alcoholic beverages, he bought a bottle of vodka and headed back home.
The three of them opened the bottle of vodka and started drinking, Charles and tracy were holding each other while drinking and ifeoma was just enjoying the drink with her eyes fixed on the musical channel the TV was tuned in to.

The two ladies in the room received calls severally but they sounded like they did not want to talk to the person at the other end. Charles had always suspected tracy of cheating on him but he had never been able to catch her in the act, or prove her wrong well he works for a shipping agency hence he wakes up very early and returns back home very late and hits the bed, he works on Saturdays too, so he has just Saturday evening and Sunday to see his girlfriend.

While all three were sitting in the sitting room gisting, tracy suggested they bought roasted fish to eat while downing the vodka, so tracy and ifeoma set out of the house to buy the fish, on their way out tracy picked her phone while ifeoma too held her phone.

They were gone for 25 minutes then a phone rang inside ifeoma’s bag, the ringtone was so loud that Charles had to reach out to probably reduce the volume, as soon as he picks the phone from her bag he tries to look for the volume buttons, then he swiped the screen and the phone opened, he was shocked cos he thought most people always locked their phones.
Ifeoma had about 5 whatsapp messages so he opened the messages and read through, then he saw another message thread underneath the first message and he opened the message and saw acronyms like TDB, so he got troubled, and wanted to know what the TDB actually meant because as a sharp guy he knew what TDB meant when used between bad sharp guys and babes.

On further probing, he actually discovered the girl was negotiating with male customers for TDB (till day break) or short time, and the girl had so many chats in her chat thread showing her negotiations.

Then he stumbled on one of the chats where ifeoma sent a message that she has a friend she could come over with for his friend, so the guy requested for her picture, damn, tracy’s pictures were sent over as the girl to be brought over and she also texted that they have the same rates.

Immediately, Charles searched the whatsapp contacts for tracy’s name and saw their messages on going through he discovered their chats were all about the hotel or house they visited earlier or the hotel address to go to for the night, or even negotiations they had for threesomes with some guys.

Charles closed the app, sat down, and did not know whether to cry or go mad. He had plans of marrying tracy in about a year from now. He summoned some courage returned the phone to the bag, sipped on some drink, laid down on the couch and awaited the ladies.

Tracy and ifeoma walked in but Charles kept his cool, he did not react, he welcomed them and acted normal.
Now, he is distraught and thinking on what his next action should be, he has no plans cos he is devastated. So his girlfriend is actually an olosho, as it is popularly called in lagos.


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