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Television commercials , music videos and blockbuster feature films are now shot with the blackmagic cinema cameras .

Professional digital film cameras has raised the bar for the industry and with the release of more updates to the firmware we are getting more features and functionality in the cameras.
The blackmagic cinema camera is the world’s smallest film digital cameras with an incredibly strong design and great picture quality. The camera shoots in high quality RAW and ProRes file recording using any of the mount optics available (PL , EF , MFT).

Television commercials , music videos and blockbuster feature films are now shot with the blackmagic cinema cameras.

We have the PL , EF or MFT Lenses, Pl models allows you to use professional cinema lenses from companies such as Panavision , Arri or Zeiss. The EF models gives you the opportunity of using high resolution canon photographic lenses for amazing quality . Lastly, the MFT allows you to use super small lenses and the flexibility to adapt to other lens mounts.

The camera has a wide dynamic range , to help you with your film imagery, the camera is very strong and rugged due to the camera casing.

The shoots in high resolution that will make reframing your shots a piece of cake , it eliminates bayer loss for full resolution color and to shoot in native ultra HD .

The built in high resolution 5” LCD touchscreen can be used for entering metadata directly into the camera , shot number can automatically increment , so you don’t enter it for each shot. While editing we can quickly identify and locate the shot you need when you are in post production saving editing time and eliminating manual logging.

SSDs short for solid state disks are used in the camera for storing data , it can be mounted on macs and windows using the blackmagic multidock or adapter cables , you can edit directly off the SSD without time wasting file copying.

Some movie directors in Nigeria are now taking advantage of the blackmagic revolution to shoot their movies with mostly the BMCC and BMPC , there is need for more lighting but you get those high quality images not having the DSLR look.

In the coming more months more movies in Nigeria and Ghana will be shot with the blackmagic camera, 12 months ago when we did a survey of camera leasing companies renting out blackmagic cameras they were non existent , most DOPs who shot with blackmagic bought the cameras and used it , but right now some camera leasing companies rent out the blackmagic camera.

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